Wilmot Bids and Tenders

Please refer to the "Status" column in the list to determine if the bid is open, closed or awarded.

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The bidding process is governed by the Township's Procurement By-Law which came into force and effect on October 1, 2021.

Note: Only registered bidders will be permitted to submit bids for any contracts, tenders, proposals or quotations listed.

General Information:

The closing time for all bid opportunities is 12:00pm (noon)

In the case of e-Submissions, proponents must complete submissions via this Bids and Tenders website. Any direct email submissions will be rejected.

Unregistered bidders will be rejected.

Registered bidders must submit all questions or bid inquiries in writing through the Bids and Tenders site using the "Submit a Question" link associated with the bid opportunity. After submitting your question, you will receive an onscreen confirmation message.

Technical Support:

If you encounter technical issues,  please contact support@bidsandtenders.ca. For step by step instructions please refer to the Vendor Guide

Notice of Participation with Buying Groups

The Township of Wilmot intends to participate in one or more procurements conducted by the following cooperative buying groups. Public notice as required by the Canadian Free Trade Agreement.

For further information and access to relevant information and notices, please review the websites below.

1. GRCPG – Grad River Cooperative Procurement Group - www.grcpg.ca

2. LAS – Local Authority Services – www.las.on.ca

3. MGS – Ministry of Government Services – www.doingbusiness.mgs.gov.on.ca